Motivation for human beings is generally derived from choice and from the feeling of success and accomplishment. The educational program at  Outlook Christian School is designed to meet both of these needs: 

  1. Although students are taught a broad range of topics within each subject area, ample time for honing in on areas that spark student interest is planned for. Student interest often guides our planning for each academic area.
  2. Students are academically met at their current level of progress and development. Each student’s educational plan is tailored to his/her specific academic, emotional, and behavioral needs.

When students are given learning goals that they are able to meet, their success increases their willingness to take risks and increase the effort that they put into their learning. Success breeds success.

Students use quality curricula in whole-class, small-group, and one-on-one instruction in order to learn concepts, but we don’t stop there. Students are encouraged to use what they’ve learned to create projects, to share this newfound knowledge—and thus demonstrate their achievements—with their peers and adults, and to apply this information to real-world situations so that they are better able to grasp the purpose for their learning.

Students not only learn core academic subjects, but life skills as well. For example, children learn service of others through service learning projects and serving lunch monthly. Students also learn interpersonal and communication skills through which they develop the character traits of being caring, trustworthy, and fair.

At Outlook Christian School we place emphasis on students learning how to learn, not just learning content. We help students discover their personal learning style and teach them student skills that help them be successful. 

As students enter high school, they are instructed in the details of earning credits and graduation requirements. We set educational goals based on requirements, as well as student interest, and design courses of study tailored to each student’s abilities and interests. We meet at least once every quarter to assess progress towards goals and make modifications to daily, weekly, and/or monthly goals in order to help students earn their credits for graduation.