What kind of facility is the school located in?

 Outlook Christian School is located in a beautiful building at 2638 Cascadia Industrial Street in Salem, Oregon. The school inside is a large two-story room with windows to the ceiling for bright light.  Outlook Christian School was founded in 2012 as a boarding school (originally named Orbus House School).

Who was behind getting the school started?

Sheryl Mullin, school founder and administrator, has a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education with an endorsement to teach High School. She also has earned a master’s degree in marriage and family therapy, and is a professional counselor with 14 years of counseling experience and 30 years of teaching experience.

Is there any specific church or denominational affiliation for this school? 

Outlook Christian School has a non-denominational standing. However we are a member of Restoration Fellowship International (see our certificate of membership attached below). Visit RFI website here.

Please see our Statement of Faith for more information. 

How many teachers do you have?

Orbus School has an excellent teacher to student ratio. As our student population grows we will add additional staff to keep the ratio low. Our goal is individualized instruction.


Do students need to attend year-round in order to continue at Outlook Christian School from year to year? 

Outlook Christian School is a year-round school with one week breaks throughout the year, teacher workdays, and holidays off. Outlook Christian Students will need to attend the year-round school; however, we see the family system as the strength for the student. If families would like to have more time in the summer for their children to be with them on trips etc., they are able to do so. 

Why did you see a need for another Christian school in Salem?

There is a shortage of educational opportunities for parents who would like a choice for their children’s educational needs. There is public education, which is certainly not working for every child. Charter schools are a somewhat better option due to smaller environment and less regulation. There are also private Christian schools, offering similar structure to public education, only with a Biblical perspective, but prohibitive to most families due to the cost of tuition. These schools will often have a waiting list for those families waiting for a better opportunity for their child. The presence of waiting lists at private Christian schools indicates a need for more Christian schools in our area.  Outlook Christian School is distinctive and meets needs that are not currently being met. It is a small school community that provides an individualized Christian education at an affordable cost.

RFI Certificate (pdf)