High School Credits & Graduation

Outlook Christian School is unique in that high school students work with their teachers to design their course of study to meet the graduation requirements for the state of Oregon, while also tailoring their plan of study to their individual needs and interests, as well as to their plans after high school.

High school students earn credits based on their course work. These credits are recorded on a transcript (see sample below) that lists not only their classes, grades, and credits earned, but a course description for each class.  Outlook Christian School is an unaccredited high school, so admission to college or university depends mainly upon students’ SAT or ACT scores.

When a student graduates from Outlook Christian School, or withdraws to attend another high school, both an unofficial transcript and an official transcript are prepared for that student. The student is given multiple copies of his/her official transcript to submit to any institute of higher learning that he/she may apply to. Outlook Christian School also keeps those transcripts on file for any other high school or institute of higher learning that requests them.