Year-Round Private Christian Education for Grades K-12

Year-Round Private Christian Education for Grades K-12

Year-Round Private Christian Education for Grades K-12Year-Round Private Christian Education for Grades K-12

Year round classes

 This brief video discusses the pros and cons of year round schooling. 

Please refer to this article for more information on year round class schedules

about outlook Christian School

Outlook Christian School is a private Christian School for students grades K-12. We operate with qualified teachers and several teaching assistants. Each student receives individualized instruction and a curriculum to fit their needs and development. We teach toward college requirements, so that college is an option after graduating. We offer a diploma upon graduation.  

The Outlook Christian School Experience:

  • Provides an individualized education that is centered  on God and one that holds character development higher than academic achievement
  • Provides a superior education through empowering and  engaging students in the learning process, an education that strives for mastery of subject matter
  • Provides a real life setting for students that facilitates learning how to handle challenges encountered through experiences such as having older students helping younger students, on site internships, etc
  • Relieves the social pressure of a typical public school experience (sports, prom, peer pressure, etc.)
  • Provides a rich educational experience that includes electives such as piano, home ec., choir, art, and foreign language
  • Provides a safe place for kids to grow spiritually, academically, and emotionally

Our History:

Outlook Christian School was originally named Orbus House School because Orbus is a Latin word meaning orphan; when Orbus School started it was designed to meet the needs of students boarding at Orbus House who were orphaned or deprived of functional parents in some way. The school was opened to students from the community as well, but still remained tailored to students from hard places or those dealing with past trauma. Orbus House boarding school was closed because students were either returned to their family or adopted into a new one.

Serving Students K to 12th grade

 Outlook Christian School is a year round school with breaks throughout the school year (see calendar).  Outlook Christian School provides Bible-based education that supports the uniqueness of each student. 

School hours 8:30AM-2:30PM Mon-Fri.